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Hi. Thank you for stopping and please visit again, I'll add jewellery very often. I'm a Danish artist and craft person, I have made handcrafted jewelry and other craft for many years and I also paint abstract paintings,sometime I sew artist bears too.
NOTICE: I have 800 100% good feedback on Ebay.com under my name "dukkelisa" kind regards Lisa Astrup

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Folgen Sie mir auf facebook, ich werde Liste Vertriebs-und Sonderangebote: http://www.facebook.com/AstrupDesign Handgefertigten Schmuck, alles ist einzigartig und von mir aus schönen Edelsteine...

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Dear Lisa,

thank you so much for the closure!!!!!!!
You are great :-)

Greetings from Germany


Chalcedonstern 13.10.2013 18:34


hej lisa

tusind tak for de for de fine smykker du har lavet til mig. som altid er det super kvalitet. kh marianne:-)

mariannenoehrhansen 11.12.2012 14:00


Hello Lisa
thank you very much. I look forward your kind words to my felt shoes
Best greetings to denmark. I'm a fan of denmark

Mafiz 18.08.2012 12:24


Hi Lisa!
I would like to suggest you putting one of your beautiful teddies in your shop window. It would look great always having such a cute "talisman" on the front page and to promote his mohair friends too :)!
Just not everybody opens 3rd-4th and more pages...
Best regards,

lucky-pages 15.02.2012 09:17


Greetings from a Danish Expat.
Wonderful shop. I especially love the earrings with wire designs.

Nanfan 20.01.2012 14:21

Was ist Deine Meinung?