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      Produkttitel: Weit weg von zu Hause - Kaschmir Kapuze Mantel - Shopname: idea2lifestyle

      Shop-Kategorie: FLAME coat /jacket

      Where is home on the milkyway of stars,
      I dry my eyes again.
      The world I see beyond your pretty eyes,
      Makes me want to stay.

      Groove Coverage: Far Away From Home


      Sorry for keeping you waiting so long, a good coat design does take time.

      Long scarf inspired front detail, many ways to wear in cool and beautiful ways; you should see all 15 pictures in different color version listings to get some clues.

      Flattering and feminine cutting, very easy to wear.

      The pleated woolen knits detail on the end of sleeves is not only pretty but also prevents winds getting in.

      Made with quality cashmere/woolen blends, warm, super soft to touch.

      Support 7 days return to get full refund on item without any reason.
      Designed and handmade by honest family company, price includes express shipping already, buy more, only charge one item's shipping.

      Three color versions:
      1. Black with warm gray detail
      2. Black with little riding hood red detail
      3. Sapphire blue with wisteria detail(SOLD OUT)

      1. Heavy weight cashmere/woolen blends
      2. Standard fitting, has room for sweater
      3. Fully lined
      4. Two pockets
      5. Press buttons

      All sizes are available. Kindly write down your usual size, height and color version you desire in ‘NOTE TO SELLER” when paying.


      Piece info:

      Materials: main body - 50% cashmere 50% wool; patchwork – woolen mix knits

      Care: dry clean only, don’t forget to put a handmade essential oil soap in closet to keep away worm in summer


      Custom made to fit, lead time is 4-6 days;

      Let us know your usual size in your country and your overall height.

      If you have some specific request or special characters such as broad shoulder, long arms, long waist, etc you think we need pay attention to when making, do let me know.

      Laying flat measurements of the design (might have 1” difference due to hand made):

      SIZE XXS (German 30, French 32, US 0, UK 4, Italian 34, Japan 1)
      Bust: 35 3/4”/91cm (fits bust ≤31.9”/81cm)
      Waist: 29.5” /75cm (fits waist ≤26.8”/68cm)
      Hips: 39”/99cm (fits hips ≤36.2”/92cm)
      Length (back middle): 32 3/4”/83cm
      Sleeve length: 23 3/4”/60.5cm

      SIZE XS (German 32, French 34, US 2, UK 6, Italian 36, Japan 3)
      Bust: 37 1/2”/95cm (fits bust ≤33.5” /85cm)
      Waist: 31.1” /79cm (fits waist ≤28.3” /72cm)
      Hips: 40 1/2”/103cm (fits hips ≤37.8” /96cm)
      Length (back middle): 33 1/2”/85cm
      Sleeve length: 24 1/2”/62cm

      SIZE S (German 36, French 38, US 6, UK 10, Italian 40, Japan 7)
      Bust: 39 1/2”/100cm (fits bust ≤35.4” /90cm)
      Waist: 33” /84cm (fits waist ≤30.3” /77cm)
      Hips: 42 3/4”/108.5cm (fits hips ≤40” /101.5cm)
      Length (back middle): 34 1/2”/87.5cm
      Sleeve length: 25”/63.5cm

      SIZE M (German 40, French 42, US 10, UK 14, Italian 44, Japan 11)
      Bust: 41 1/4”/105cm (fits bust ≤37.4” /95cm)
      Waist: 35” /89cm (fits waist ≤32.3” /82cm)
      Hips: 45”/114cm (fits hips ≤42.1” /107cm)
      Length (back middle): 35 1/2”/90cm
      Sleeve length: 25 1/2”/65cm

      SIZE M, L- (German 42, French 44, US 12, UK 16, Italian 46, Japan 13)
      Bust: 43”/109cm (fits bust ≤39” /99cm)
      Waist: 36.6” /93cm (fits waist ≤33.9” /86cm)
      Hips: 46 1/2”/118cm (fits hips ≤43.7” /111cm)
      Length (back middle): 35 1/2”/90cm
      Sleeve length: 25 1/2”/65cm

      SIZE L (German 44, French 46, US 14, UK 18, Italian 48, Japan 15)
      Bust: 44 1/2”/113cm (fits bust ≤40.6” /103cm)
      Waist: 38.2” /97cm (fits waist ≤35.4” /90cm)
      Hips: 47 1/2”/121cm (fits hips ≤44.9” /114cm)
      Length (back middle): 36 1/2”/92.5cm
      Sleeve length: 26 1/4”/66.5cm

      SIZE XL (German 48, French 50, US 18, UK 22, Italian 52, Japan 22)
      Bust: 47 1/2”/121cm (fits bust ≤43.7” /111cm)
      Waist: 41.3” /105cm (fits waist ≤38.6” /98cm)
      Hips: 50 3/4”/129cm (fits hips ≤48” /122cm)
      Length (back middle): 36 1/2”/92.5cm
      Sleeve length: 26 3/4”/68cm

      SIZE XL or 175cm+ takes 12Euro to cover extra fabric, labour and shipping. Pls contact us before making.

      The basic measurements we need for making your order:
      [bust]: the fullest part of your bust, not bra size
      [natural waist]: the thinest part of your upper body
      [hips]: the fullest part of your hips
      Your overall height:

      Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, I’d love to help!



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      romantisch elegant


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      All parcels will be claimed low value. If the order is a gift, just let us know, and we will include a free card with envelope for you so that you don’t need to buy a card by yourself.

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